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Welcome to the Greater New York Treasury Department!

The Greater New York Treasury Department provides administrative and financial leadership to the Greater New York Conference. We are entrusted with the Stewardship of all funds that all our constituent churches send to our Conference. Our Treasury Department develops and monitors the operating budget for the Greater New York Conference. We are responsible to ensure that all funds received at the Conference are faithfully expended in accordance to the purpose that the funds are sent to the Conference.

We thank you for taking time to visit our website.  We are here to serve our members throughout the Greater New York Conference. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you, our members, may bring to our attention in order for us to serve you better and more efficiently. You, our members, are the most important component of our Conference; therefore, we are committed to ensure that the Treasury Department of the Greater New York Conference operates responsibly in all of its financial operations and that we, above all, be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ with all that He has entrusted us as his Stewards.


Name: Ysaias Javier

Email Yjavier@gnyc.org

Phone: 516-627-9350

Administrative Assistant

Name: Sandra Salas

Email ssalas@gnyc.org

Phone: 516-627-9350

Treasury Staff

Church & School Auditor

Name: Dalin Lindsay

Email dlindsay@gnyc.org

Phone: 516-627-9350

Financial Controller

Name: Margo Lee

Email mlee@gnyc.org

Phone: 516-627-9350

Assistant Treasurer for Corporation

Name: Arnovi Trejos

Email atrejos@gnyc.org

Phone: 516-627-9350

Staff Accountant

Name: Dora Trejos

Email dtrejos@gnyc.org

Phone: 516-627-9350

Associate Auditor

Name: Gustavo Villegas

Email gvillegas@gnyc.org

Phone: 516-627-9350


Name: Lou Pescatore

Email sweetdove2@gmail.com

Phone: 516-627-9350


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